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London Chameleon has extensive experience in all matters relating to contract law.  We offer contract analysis and contract creation.  From the smallest of issues to the most complex, we have specialists to assist you with ease. We take pride in our professional and efficient work.

Insurance Agent


London Chameleon can offer business and personal investigations.  Company verifications, marital fidelity, identity investigations which include aliases.  We offer a very wide range of services to provide a solution for you.  Please enquire.

Signing a Contract


This service takes investigations to a whole new level. Do you need someone surveilled?  Do you require business interests to be verified and checked?  We offer a range of covert operative agents to assist you in both business and personal surveillance needs.  A fully comprehensive package to leave you feeling safe in business and safe in life.  Please enquire.

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Personal Injury & Insurance

London Chameleon will assist you during these difficult times.  We will make sure you are awarded the correct compensation for whatever bad situation you have been faced with.  Our specialists will ensure your case is handled with care and diligence.


All things Legal

London Chameleon has experts in all fields of law.  We can listen to your legal issue, and find the best legal representation to handle it.  We will also make sure that we will find someone within your budget.  Cost effective legal advice.  Let us do the hard work, so you don't have to.


Extra Services

Global repatriation of injured people alive or deceased, transcription, translation, debt recovery, asset recovery, import/export, court order enforcement, insurance investigations, bodyguard escorting, embassy liaisons, financial investigations, we can liaise with embassies to bring loved ones home. If you are unable to see the service you are looking for online please call us.

Contract Paper Signing